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It’s jazz, it’s football, it’s finding any excuse at all to have a party! Louisiana cuisine is world-famous. There is no other taste quite like the blend of flavors in Cajun and Creole food.

Experience Louisiana’s special tradition of wonderful food in your own kitchen with such delicious classics as Crawfish Etouffee (page 134), Natchitoches Meat Pie (page 182), and Stuffed Eggplant (page 96). We’ve also included some dishes with a new twist–Cream Cheese Bread Pudding (page 249), Sweet Potato Biscuits (page 44), and Plantation Pecan Crunch (page 245).

Seventy-two of Louisiana’s leading cookbooks have shared 400 of their most popular recipes to create this remarkable collection. Y’all come on in for some great eatin’!

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