The Little New Orleans Cookbook & Gumbo Set


2 Book Set

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The Little New Orleans Cookbook

Want to capture the cuisine of New Orleans? Here it is!

Now you can re-create that special Crescent City magic right in your own kitchen. In the same manner and style of The Little Gumbo Book, author Gwen McKee presents fifty-seven classic New Orleans dishes, with entertaining notes and stories woven throughout. All are popular favorites that originated in, became famous in, or simply are enjoyed in New Orleans. In clear presentations that include microwave, low-calorie and substitution suggestions, there are easy methods for Shrimp Creole, Crawfish Etouffee, Remoulade Sauce, Seafood Gumbo and Blackened Redfish, as well as a way to prepare Perfect Boiled Shrimp with an incredible sauce. Ever heard of calas, mirlitons, courtbouillon, grillades, cushaw or maque chou? Delicious, and all quite achievable.

Learn the New Orleans’ secrets to success with red beans and rice, po-boys, muffulettas and Oysters Rockefeller. In addition, there are two special seasonings to highlight your Creole cooking, and so many things to do with French bread. And wait till you try Frenchies!

Within these pages, you will learn how simple it is to make yummy Chocolate Eclairs, to flambe elegant Bananas Foster, to bake a fun Mardi Gras King Cake, to whip up a batch of Creamy Pralines…. Mmmmm…welcome to delicious New Orleans.

As enjoyable as the recipes, you will love reading the author’s comments below each recipe. McKee reveals heartwarming and often humorous family tales of cooking in New Orleans that are informational as well as delightful.

The Little Gumbo Book

Ahhhhh….gumbo. The word itself conjures up warmth and contentment sitting before a steamy bowl of this deliciously rich Creole dish.

This dandy little book is entirely dedicated to the process of preparing great gumbo. In addition to the wonderful collection of 27 different gumbo recipes, this book provides guidance in preparing all the characteristic elements�roux, rice, seasoning, preparation�that make up this unique Cajun dish.

Novices will love the Step-By-Step to Great Gumbo chapter that ensures success right from the start. For anybody who thinks they can’t make gumbo, this is all that’s required to remedy that situation forevermore.

A truly delightful gift in a little package for a little price.

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