Voodoo in New Orleans


256 pages

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“Interesting investigation and straightforward handling of sensational times and tricksters, of the cult of voodooism in all its manifestations. From its first known appearances in New Orleans of 200 years ago, here are the fetishes and formulae, the rites and dances, the cures, charms and gris-gris. Here were the witch-doctors and queens, and in particular Doctor John, who acquired fame and fortune, and Marie Laveau, who with her daughter dominated the weird underworld of voodoo for nearly a century.”
—Kirkus Reviews
“Robert Tallant speaks with authority . . . .”
—New York Times
“Much nonsense has been written about voodoo in New Orleans. . .here is a truthful and definitive picture.”
—Lyle Saxton
Both of Robert Tallant’s highly praised books about the practice of voodoo in New Orleans have been re-issued in paperback. Originally published in 1946, Voodoo in New Orleans examines the origins of the cult voodooism.
The lives of New Orleans’s most infamous witch doctors and voodoo queens have been re-created in this well-researched account of New Orleans’s dark underworld.

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