What Is a Praline?

What are Pralines?

Every day people stop by our French Quarter shop and ask the same question, “What is a praline?”.

Pralines (pronounced praw-leens) are a delicious confectionary treat usually made from butter, brown sugar, and pecans.  New Orleans style pralines originated in 18th century France, thanks to the sweet-tooth of Marshall and Diplomat Cesar du Plessis-Praslin (pronounced prah-lin). The sugar coated almond confection made in his honor found its way to New Orleans when a local businessman returned from Paris and presented the candies to his head chef.

What Are Pralines

Inspired by the exotic treats, she replaced the almonds with locally grown pecans and blended them into a brown sugar and butter concoction.  She cooked this slowly in copper kettles and ladled gooey spoonfuls of the delectable treat to cool. This tradition continued into modern times, and we now call the treats pralines.

New Orleans locals love their original pralines, but many variations can be found on New Orleans tables and in picnic baskets world wide. Not sure what your favorite might be?  Try an assortment from Aunt Sally’s or Southern Candymakers.